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eduroam is a global project established for international research and education community to share wireless LAN service resources. The concept was initially proposed in 2003 and beta tested by institutions from five different european countries. With one and another educational institutions and academic networks joining in the project, the roaming system finally named 'eduroam', which means 'Education Roaming'. eduroam has developed into a mature world-wide Wifi roaming system. 74 regions have become a crucial part of the system. There are 383 colleges and institutions in the United States joined by Nov 4th, 2015.

SSID Authentication Method Account Note
NTU Web-Based XXXXX@ntu.edu.tw Same as email and SSO
ntu_peap 802.1X , PEAP XXXXX@ntu.edu.tw Same as email and SSO
eduroam 802.1X , PEAP XXXXX@eduroam.ntu.edu.tw eduroam and TANET roaming only

eduroam register URL: URL

Reference Links
eduroam(US),there are 383 universities of USA joined by 2015/11

eduroam setting method


Windows 10

Mac OS X 10.11

Android 4.0


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