NTU Regulation for the Access to Campus Network



I.    Purpose of the Regulation

This Regulation is established in accordance with the “Ministry of Education Regulation for the Access to Campus Network” passed by the Ministry of Education on 26 Dec., 2001 in order to fully develop the functions of campus network (including dormitory network, herein after referred to as Network), popularize the concept for the respect for law, and provide a standard as a basis for the network users to follow for the promotion of education and learning.


II.   Respect for the Intellectual Property Rights

Network users should avoid the following behaviors which may involve in the violation of intellectual property rights:

1.    Using of unauthorized computer programs.

2.    Illegally downloading and copying works protected by Copyright Law.

3.    Uploading protected works on public websites without the consent of the owner of the copyrights for the works.

4.    Posting writings on BBS or other online discussion forums in other places when the author had clearly indicated that no posting is allowed.

5.    Setting up of website for the public to illegally download works protected by copyrights.

6.    Other behaviors which may involve the violation of intellectual property rights.


III.  Prohibitions on Abuse of Network System

Network users are prohibited from following behaviors:

1.    Spreading of computer viruses or programs that could cause interferences or damages to system mechanisms.

2.    Intercepting network transmission information without authorization.

3.    Accessing network resources without authorization by means of cracking, embezzling, or misapplying other user’s user account and password, or disclosing other user’s user account and password.

4.    Disclosing own user account and password to others without proper reasoning.

5.    Hiding the user account or using fake account. (This does not apply to users authorized for the use of anonymity).

6.      Accessing other user’s emails or files.

7.    The abuse of network resources by any means, including transmission of mass advertising, chain mail, or unworthy messages through emails, or the interference of normal operation of the system by flooding email boxes or seizing resources.

8.    The spreading of law-violating messages involved with double crossing, aspersion, humiliation, obscenity, and harassment, by means of emails, online chat, BBS, or related functions.

9.    Involvement in illegal activities or activities not related to teaching and researching, using the network resources of the University.


IV.  Network Management

In order to execute the content of this Regulation the NTU C&INC and the “Promotion and Execution Team for the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights” shall be responsible for the following affairs relating to network management:

1.    Assisting network users to establish self-regulating mechanisms.

2.    Appropriately split and control network flow.

3.    Suspend the user’s right if the user is in violation of this Regulation or interfering with the normal operation of the network.

4.    Designated personnel should be appointed for the management and maintenance of BBS and other websites. The responsible person should delete the writing or suspend the user from accessing the website if rules for the access to the website are violated. The University should be notified of major violations, violations of related university rules, or laws and regulations.

5.      Other items concerning campus network management.


V.   Protection for Network Privacy

Responsible units of the University shall respect network privacy rights and shall not intercept the personal information of the user without authorization, or involve in other behaviors in violation of privacy rights. However the following conditions in violation of privacy rights are exempted from this restriction:

1.    For the maintenance or examination of system safety.

2.    For acquiring evidences or the investigation of inappropriate behaviors in questioning for cases in violation of related rules of the University, based on reasonable grounds.

3.    In coordination with investigations of judicial institutions.

4.    Other law-abiding behaviors.


VI.   Penalties for the Violation of Regulation for the Access to Campus Network

When this Regulation is violated network users shall receive the following penalties:

1.        Be withdrawn from the access to network resources.

2.        To accept penalties or disciplinary actions of the related laws of the University.

Upon receiving disciplinary actions following the previous 2 rules, should other illegal actions be involved, the person in violation of the rules shall take legal responsibilities according to civil law, criminal law, copyright law or other related laws and regulations.


VII. Handling Principles

1.        Upon verification of behaviors violating this Regulation through the “Promotion and Execution Team for the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights” the case shall be reported to the related units of the University for further executions.

2.        If the person in violation of this Regulation has questions against the disciplinary actions of the University, complaints should be lodged according to the proper legal procedures or related procedures of the University. On handling of related complaint procedures the University shall consult the “Promotion and Execution Team for the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights” or the legal advisors of the University for comments and suggestions.


VIII. This Regulation is passed by the meeting held by the “Promotion and Execution Team for the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights” and implemented upon approval after reporting to the administrative meetings. The same procedures shall apply for amendments which may arise.